Canouse Coaching gives youth players the opportunity to take part in his one of a kind clinics built on extreme detailed drills to enhance player development.  Bringing his international Bundesliga, D.C. United and US National Team experience, Canouse is able to provide a unique opportunity not normally found elsewhere. 

In October, 2017, Canouse officially received his US Soccer B-Coaching License, which qualifies him to coach in the US Development Academy League, Collegiate level, as well as adding additional licenses to coach professionally one day. Upcoming clinics can be seen below with each clinic individually designed based on target age group and clinic goals.

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Russell Canouse Winter Clinic 2020


Sign up for a one of a kind clinic led by Local Pro Soccer Player Russell Canouse!

Description: Clinic will involve professional training in 3 key aspects of the game: technical, tactical and physical. More specifically, Canouse and team will lead foundational and positional based technical drills that will lead into tactical small sided games.  The entire session is designed to bring our professional experience back to you with key takeaways that can be implemented into both the player's team and individual training sessions. There will also be opportunities to win autographed D.C. United memorabilia signed by Canouse and team.

Location: Spooky Nook Lanco Turf #3 (Lancaster, PA)
Date & Time: 9-12 PM on Dec. 28th
Ages: 10-13 Boys and Girls